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Friday, April 2, 2010

God I Hate Television

While staying with Waffle and Diane, I have seen TV shows that I never would believe existed if I hadn't wasted a half hour of precious life seeing. Laura and I seldom strayed off of Discovery, History or Adult Swim. Being on my Mac next to the TV during the day I have discovered that there are way too many Judge shows on. The original People's Court was educational, the one's today are sad pathetic schlock reality shows. I have yet to see any reality show that didn't look scripted and fake.

Perhaps we as members of the human race should turn off the fucking TV and try to focus on having our own realities. When I get settled in my new place, NO TV. I'll have a television and a DVD player, but no cable. I remember when I went about five years with out any TV, it was the most productive period of my life. I was content with what I had, I took time to develop my art, my hobbies, relationship with people. I noticed too many conversations started by others were "Did you see..." No, I was living.

Inevitably people would say, "I don't believe you never saw that show, you HAVE to watch it." No I don't, you sad pathetic cretin. Is you own empty life so void of meaning that you must fill it with mindless shit every waking moment?

Hold me to my pledge, no TV in New Orleans.