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Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl Thingy

Earlier this week a passenger asked me who was I betting on in the Super Bowl. I replied "Oh is it this week?" "Of course it is, you know that." "Not really, I never watched one." "YOU LIAR! Of course you have, everyone watches." Nope, never did, never will. Why would one lie about that? Both teams could burst into flames at the coin toss and I wouldn't give a damn. Once when a hyper-masculine drunk asked me if I had seen some NFL game and I said I don't follow football his next question was "Are you a queer?" Let's examine that conclusion, he spent all afternoon watching sweaty, muscular men roll around on top of each other in the mud. They get up off of each other and pat each others asses. Then the players take a shower together. THAT'S GAY.