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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


PRAY FOR ME! I must escape this vocational purgatory! A dysfunctional family business that is getting increasingly negative. Every time employees pull up, someone in the office has to ask; "Is he armed?" 12 hours duty last night, we each made about $60. Try to support your addictions on that. The nightly ugliness, the bullshit, the hazards. One coworker was joking about a passenger who drank herself to death. I don't want to become like these people. The past four years of driving cab at night has hardened me. I've learned not to trust anyone, learned to step on others before they could step on me. My naivety is gone my trust eroded away by the cancer of human nature.

Any longer out here, I'll loose all of my humanity. "Tonight on outrageous videos, a cabbie gets out of his car and cold cocks a NUN!"

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  1. You're a Masochist. You posted this blog knowing that She would read it ! Dsfunctional Family , i bet that went over like a fart in church. It's all true of course , every word of it. I lived it for 8 years. Thank God that nitemare is over.