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Friday, January 1, 2010

Final thoughts of 2009

First off, how bad do you need to get into heaven than to strap a bomb to your junk? I thought Baptist were demented. I've had my causes too, at no point did I fight for them by pouring chemical explosives on my willy. A little too kinky even by my book. Imagine HIS TERROR when he realized that he WASN'T going to die.
At times our new enemies are amusing. By amusing I mean like stupid little mustaches and goose-stepping were in previous enemies. If in 1945 I had told a General that someday we would have the greatest military in the world and spend 9 years chasing a 6'7" tall Arab around the dessert and never catch him, I'd be kicked out of the Pentagon.

Remember all of the bad guys in James Bond movies? Eccentric and demented threatening to destroy the world if their egos aren't stroked. Iran, Korea, USA.

The far left have revealed their hypocrisy and phony stances. It's easy to knock down a conservative when they show hypocrisy, the left aren't held accountable because the judges are their peers. Oprah and Springsteen have made their billions, now let's destroy the Capitalist system so no one else can make billions. Bruce, stop singing about the struggling working class. You never were one, your old man was a bus driver, you a rock star. Will Obama ever set salary limits for Hollywood or professional sports players? He seems to set limits for banking, auto and other US industries. I know, Hollywood hasn't had to take a bail out. Yet.

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