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Monday, January 25, 2010

Addictions first

I love convenience stores. You can feed most every addiction there. Coffee, smokes, lottery tickets. Need rolling papers? Gottem, and at least another dozen products that any creative stoner can use to conjure a high. Munchies in isle 2 and 3. Porn? Got it. It's three AM and you need a copy of 18+ Big Boob to get to sleep. Alcoholic? No they don't sell beer and the liquor store is closed now, here's some cold medicine. You seek comfort food. An orgy of empty calories await. Need to smoke crack, buy one of those little glass vases with the paper flower in it.

During my shift I stumble in five stores a night for the nicotine / caffeine fix. Having worked a convenience store, the employees have my sympathy. Like driving a cab at night, your customer base is the Night Of The Living Dead.

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