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Friday, December 11, 2009


Republican M.I.L.F.s have taken over FOX NEWS. I've been listening to Obama bitch about Fox news so I thought I'd start watching. We're talking some sweet looking soccer moms who have smarts too. It's not just the news personalities, candidates and pundits too. The word pundit sounds dirty when looking at Ann Coulter. "I bet she can PUNDIT all night." Laura Ingrahm? She'd make a hell of a dominatrix. It wouldn't take a whole lot of acting on her part. Just start talking like Barney Frank and she would flog you with in an inch of your life. First time anyone ever gets water boarded with a pair of panties.
What about Sarah? Don't get me started, I don't want to sound like a perv.


  1. yes, conservative chicks are hot. y'ever see Julie Banderas on Fox? whew...

    i noticed your previous post is about mobsters. is that how you stumbled onto Otto Mannix?

  2. Oh yea. Very hot. Let's face it, the Republicans have sexier women. Compared to Hillary and Pelosi, That's why they tried to claim Ms America as one of their own