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Thursday, August 13, 2009

God and stuff

I've been thinking about religion, I'm not pissed at God or anything. I mean I have no idea who the hell he really is. I just am stuck with a warped and twisted notion of him given to me by warped and twisted ministers who have no clue about him either. Ok, they claim the Bible (or Koran or Torah) is the inherant word of God. This after some pope hundreds of years ago tore out entire books of it and probally changed a few words here and there. I've worked with editors, truth gets filtered through thier minds. So today fat ass ministers claim "The word of god is truth, protected by the holy spirit blah blah"

Really? The claim is now that pope whoever was divinely inspired to edit the bible according to God's will. Right. I'm sure the bits scratched out had to do with keeping the leadership in check (or absent all together) and we'll increase the tithe part up to 10%. We'll never know.

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