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Monday, August 10, 2009


As you may be able to tell from the cartoons since last November I am not what one might call an Obama supporter. In fact I have devoted all of my artistic energies to criticizing President Obama and his feeble tax dodging puppets. Granted, this website may not be a noted source political commentaries. However, the cartoons are finding an audience in viral emails. An underground voice of dissension that is very difficult to silence. In these days of "controlled media" the subversive element in this country need a quick and popular medium to spread their ideas. Cartoons are the perfect choice of counter-propaganda weaponry.In September 09, I will do 30 cartoons about health care in 30 days. They will not be supporting the Democratic position, nor will they be flattering.Let me cut to the chase. I will cease and desist from Anti-Obama cartoons, health care satire, incompetent political hack humor and a pro-right stance for the "retainer fee" of twenty thousand dollars. With all of the trillions of dollars being thrown around, twenty thousand is like bumming a cigarette from Sir Walter Raleigh. You could siphon it to me in the form of an artistic grant or if you prefer more covertly. The day I wake up and $20,000 is in my bank account, all of the Obama bashing cartoons come down off of my web site and will be permanently deleted. This tiny sum by Washington's standard will remove what could become a rather infectious thorn in one's side. An ounce of prevention...

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