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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It sucks to be human

It's a vile and corrupt world. That's why politics rule it. We as a species are inherently corrupt. Why do we expect public officials to be any different. Ted Kennedy kills a bar bimbo in a drunk driving accident, who hasn't come close to doing that at least once. If can pull strings to get that rap of my sheet, F**K yea! If Cheney can make a googlian dollars of off starting a war and walking away, god love'im. AND he can shoot a lawyer in the face with a shotgun, and the LAWYER apologizes, god that's power. I've driven Elliot Spizter's little honey home in my cab, VERY bangable chick. I ain't gettin that piece of tail on a cabby's paycheck. I once had a toothless crack whore offer me a blow job for a round trip to Asbury. I refused. I cringed. After driving cab at night for the last four years, I see the world for what it is. Unfair and selfish. The personal car I see parked in front of the local Police Department in the beginning of my shift is parked in front of the bar by 8 pm. At 1:45 am I witness same vehicle weaving down the road. He can get away with it, he's a cop. It sucks to be me trying to dodge a drunk off-duty cop on main street. He slams into me, I go to jail. Roman soldiers I think started that tradition. Kick in your front door and bang your wife in front of you. I have a legion outside if you wish to complain. Thank god the local soldiers only want to bang a doughnut. BTW, the cop's drinking buddy works for the county prosecutor's office. One time she swerved into my lane once so badly, that my mirror clipped a park car.

The point of this tirade is, don't act shocked. Politicians are unfortunately humans. Until we can let computers govern us, we are led by drunks, skirt chasers and power hungry humans who want to bang your doughnut. Even aliens come to Earth to get away with ass raping probes while our leaders cover it up. We deserve it, Earth is populated by the scumbag motherf*ckers known as humanity. Give our rulers something shiny and you can abduct and ass rape the population with impunity. Sucks to be us. I bet Roswell was a D.U.I. accident. Three alien corpses and a naked hillbilly.

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