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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Why I turned my back on Liberals

I have been on both sides of the fence. When the country turns conservative, I become a left wing knee jerking liberal. If a Dem gets the office, I swing to the right. I can't help it. I guess that's why I became an editorial cartoonist. I question and rebel against all authority. A few years ago I was about as liberal as you could get. I hung out with a bunch of lefties, in hind-sight I see what self-righteous obnoxious bastards we all were. i listened as a loud mouth would proclaim the rights of gays to marry. She would get in the face of anyone who might disagree with her. Maintaining a smug attitude of being "more enlightened" than all others. However when she found out someone she knew and didn't care for was rumored to be gay, she picked up her cell phone and spread the news about him. Letting all of the mutual friends know his preferences like it was some sort of a great scandal. Tittering as she hung up from talking to one harpie, and scrolling down her phonebook to the next. Smirking as she declared "Guess who's a queer."
She was quick to give people tittles, "My black friend... my friend who's a Hispanic lesbian with one leg..." Always quick to defend the rights of others as long as they didn't disagree with her. If they didn't agree with her then they were narrow minded bigots who should keep their mouths shut or thrown into prison until they were as enlightened as her.
Conversely, when I was a leftie, conservatives told me if I didn't like it here in America I should move to IRAN. "See how long Saddam will let you disagree with him" Typical, agree with the majority or get out.

Let freedom ring.

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  1. Jon Corzine lost or did he ?
    As i see it , old Frank Lautenberg is gonna reitire before Inaguration Day , so Governor Corzine can replace him with the soon to be former Governor of New Jersey , Jon Corzine. He gets back the Senate seat he gave up to become Governor.