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Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm awake and angry

Due to an inhuman sleep schedule I'm awake at 3 am. It's been a while since I did this Blog stuff. No one reads these things except for Government computers. Searching for words of threat to the powers that be.

Now to get a few things off my chest, YOU WITH THE BLUE TOOTH IN YOUR EAR! You look stupid, more so than just some simp with a cell phone to an ear. "Oh, it's an important call, I have to take this." Shuddup! Pull over and talk, I'm tired of being cut off on the road because some fuckhead is busy talking to another fuckhead somewhere in another car about some lame bullshit. I'm tired of clerks in gas marts talking on the blue tooth in Pakistani while I'm trying to tell him my cigarrette brand. "Dude, plot the attack on YOUR TIME!" Same for you, you fat ass Soccer Mom in the Supermarket loudly blathering away to some other divorced harpy. "Oh, my little girl is soooooo talented she just...LOOK! Roaster chickens are on sale!" About that time I clip the back of her ankles with my shopping cart.

I'm sick of this planet, everyone talking on a phone, or texting, or twitering or blogging.... Why can't we all just shut up.

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