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Friday, August 22, 2008

Who inspired the look of Athena DeCruelle?

Cory Lane

I based the look of her on internet hottie Cory Lane. Who, in my opinion is probably the most drop dead gorgeous woman I have ever seen. A very talented model who just looks like she's having fun with the camera. Cory starred in the film "Malibu Heat" and many others. Ms Lane is known for doing a lot of fetish type films. The comic BiNGE is kind of what you might imagine a boyfriend's life would be like. "She couldn't go out tonight. she was tied up at work..."

If you're really curious, you could google her. Yea Baby.
When I first started to developed the Athena character, I tried to give her a sterner face. As her character has developed in the story line I've softened her look. I've been really fine tuning the look of all of the characters. In the next 6 storyboards starting in the fall, you'll notice a more polished look to them.
Who inspired Athena's personality and character? Really, could any woman be that manipulative and diabolical?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cartoon Genitals

I see the latest trend in animation sight gags seems to be drawing toon nude, pixilating it out for TV. Then show it on DVD's. It's easy to get a cheap laugh with cartoon genitals, I've been doing it for years. The first bathroom wall art most draw involves a guy's junk. The earliest cave paintings in France show a man chasing a buffalo with a spear. On the other wall he drew his Johnson. You'll never see that on the Discovery channel. In Episode 2, "Meet the New Boss" Binge is given a job in an Adult Bookstore, lots of room for mature artwork. I tried to leave as much as I could to the viewer's imagination. In one scene, he is doing an inventory of marital aids. I could've shown the most elaborate devices and novelties, but I chose not to. Instead I placed them into plain brown boxes relevant to size and shape.I figured leave it to the viewer's imagination. Whatever they picture in the boxes is what's there.