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Thursday, August 7, 2008

She dont lie, she dont lie, she dont lie...

One time I listened to a coke head go on for two hours about healthy living. She went off on a tangent about how dairy products are bad for me. "Lots of respirtory infections come from milk, really (snooooooort) Did you know, (sniff, sniff) that cottage cheese is bad for your sinuses? (snort)" I think her overly aggressive Rotwieler has coked up too

True story.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What does Binge's art look like?

I think something like this.

The Big BiNGE Promo

Here it is. A post card. The best solution is usually the simplest. I played off of the Springsteen angle. Why not, most every hack bar band on the NJ shore does. If I see one more web site with some garage musician wearing a leather jacket in front of Convention Center...I'll start sniping.This is the Asbury Park NJ I remember from when I worked in it durring the 1980's. Gritty and surreal. Much of that is now gone due to recent development projects. The old girl was well captured in the film 'City By The Sea.'