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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 7-11 Cup Poll

I think the Coffee cup poll held by the 7-11 stores is a cool promotion. Drinking up to 5 cups of coffee per shift, I hit all of the local stores at night. One night I had a Pakistani clerk grill me over my choice of cups. "Why don't you like Obama?" "I don't think he's the best choice." I politely responded. The clerk has been cold ever since. Two nights ago at a different 7-11, (Ocean & 8th Ave in Belmar NJ.) I went in for my 3 am cup, to find only BLUE Obama cups occupying the coffee counter. I searched and scanned for the red McCain cups that grace my dashboard at night. None to be seen. I turned to the clerk, to see a smug grin on his face. "Where's the McCain cups?" I asked. "We all out, use Obama cup, he's better." I purchased a plain 16 oz cup.
This may seem like a small manipulation by one single man, however it demonstrates the attitude of Obama supporters. They fight dirty. An informal poll or voter registration fraud, it shows how much contempt the Obama side has for rules and democracy. Are you so afraid your man can't win without resorting to stacking the deck?

BTW, I'm dropping a note to the Southland Corp.

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