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Thursday, September 4, 2008

The post card

OK, here we go, I've started to send out the promotional post cards. Scary. it's one thing for me to sit here and tell a handful of friends "Yea, I'm going to create a TV show" Sounds like a harmless delusional claim, safe in my little web site world. Now I have stepped outside the safety of my ambitious daydream into a cold harsh world. A world punctuated with criticism and rejection. Approaching total strangers who don't know me, and have little interest in my sensitive nature. Talented artists who have devoted their lives to industries that I have no experience in. It's kind of like when I started to drag my paintings around to art galleries. The first few said "No thanks", but I kept trying. It's not easy to continue after rejection. I guess that's what separates those who do, from those who don't. I believe in my skills and my vision. My close circle has encouraged me, and believed in me. Some have cocked their heads sideways and given me an "Oh really?" I know it's a long shot. Those who scoff are the same ones who spend $50 a day on lottery tickets as a retirement plan. "I'll hit it big someday" they say. Well, this is my lottery ticket, but I'm taking control. Thousands of hours of work, tens of thousands of hours of thought. I figure those I have approached, voice talent, fellow artists, producers, were all in the same spot at one time.

There is an old proverb: "If you jump for the stars you may land on the moon. Jump for the moon, you'll never get off of the Earth." Even if my dream doesn't materialize, at least I had one. I'm jumping, I may land on my face. The only ones who would laugh at my failure are those who never jump. Those that have jumped and made it would say try again.

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