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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Athena Does G.O.P.

In a stunning turn of events that has rocked the Hollywood starlet scene, Athena DeCruelle, former B-movie star turned professional dominatrix, has announced her support for the McCain/Palin ticket. Ms. DeCruelle, who recently instructed the US Defense Department in non-life threatening interrogation techniques for the remaining prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, was quoted as saying to Barack Obama, "Who's the little piggie now!" She went on to say that Sarah Palin has "a nice rack, and a cute 'First Dude'", and asserted that "Johnny seems like a really sweet guy." In her closing statement, 'Ms. Athena', as she's known to her close associates, told reporters that she'd be sending Sarah "her favorite whip to help reform those sissy dems in Washington."

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