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Monday, August 11, 2008


Episode one has everything you could want in a a comedic adventure, fights, fires, art, government conspiracies, S&M, and aliens. For some strange unknown reason I feel compelled to include the UFO theme through out the BiNGE story line. I'm not a one hundred percent believer in the whole E.T. thing. However the alien theme has shown up through out my artwork. If nothing else it's at least a pop culture fad, Or perhaps the most important phenomenon to hit this planet since some guy was nailed to a cross for saying "Love your neighbor."
In season two the aliens return, contacting Athena in a cosmic business venture. Apparently the only thing that is exclusive to earth is art. Geneticly "refined" alien races have lost any creativity in the arts. An alien genetic engineering corporation decides to market artistic DNA to the rest of the galactic races. Their source for the raw DNA material turns out to be our hapless NJ artist BiNGE. Exploiting their contact Athena DeCruelle, soon BiNGE becomes a DNA producing factory for her greed. The thought of alien worlds being populated by BiNGE offspring is a terrifying idea.

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