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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homophobe parking in the rear

A co-worker tonight got me thinking. I had made a comment about the word "Rear" being used. I won't go into details, but it was an excrement type of joke. My fellow employee (an openly gay hater) instantly turned it into a homo joke. Why do straight men who detest gay men find homosexual conitations in nearly everything even vagally related? I have seen it time and time again..."Oh, you have a pink cigarette lighter! Do you use that to signal other queers that you want to (perform oral sex on them?") "No, I found the pink lighter in my cab" "It must've been dropped by a faggot" I doubt gay men think as much about gay sex as homophobes do. It doesn't take a lot to trigger a gay comment from them, bending over to pick something up, eating a banana or just being polite. Anything that gives them a homosexual thought, is reason enough to make them comment on another's sexuality.This guy even refused to have a gay driver pick him up to bring him into work. "I don't want to be in the car alone with him" Homophobic men think every gay man wants them? Do you see women beating down your door to perform oral on you? No, you have to pay a female to do it, so why would a gay man offer to do it? I'm sure that gay driver intended to slip GHB into your coffee and sodomize your unconscious, 300 lb, 67 year old ass along side the road.Being a mellow and passive artist type who doesn't watch sports, I've been called a fag all of my life. I'll admit it's pissed me off for a long time, it was a source of rage within me. I released much of the anger that has haunted me by coming to terms with what I am, an "Art-fag." An art fag is a man who has most of the same traits as the stereotypical homosexual, except he digs chicks. I did miss out on the ability to dance and fashion. Bad dancer and dresser, those are probably the most hetro traits I have. Over the years, hearing those kinds of statements has made me realize that I wouldn't want to be "Mr. Macho."

Keep your camoflage Zippo lighter with the skull and crossbones, I'll keep my pink Bic. Oh yea, if I was gay, you would agian be the last man on earth.

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