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Monday, July 21, 2008


I am a night shift cab driver in Belmar Nj. A good portion of my personal income arrives from obnoxious, vulgar, inconsidorate "Guidos" from Staten Island. Whatever amount of money I bring home from them does not even come close to covering the anger management classes I need by mid summer. For the past few weeks I have been listening to an infinite number of passengers and co-workers bash Mayor Kenneth Pringle over his statement concerning the visitors to this fine town. When pressed, they all privately agree his coments were on the mark. They follow thier agreement with "He just shouldn't have said it." Ok, your'e upset that a politician did not sugar coat a politicly correct statement and cater to both sides of a fence. After listening to my passengers lamb baste the Mayor for years, I kept wondering how has he managed to be re-elected so many times? Simple: Elections are held on Tuesdays, and everyone who opposes Pringle can be found at Bar Aniticipation on Tuesday night for the "beat the clock" happy hour. If you really gave a crap about local politics, you'd put down your fifty cent draft and get your drunken asses off the bar stool for a half hour and go down to the polls. Oh wait, you forgot to register didn't you?

"16th & Main" 2004

Don't get me wrong, I've stumbled out of a few bars in Belmar, but I waited until I got home to relieve myself. Belmar has been known for it's alchohol based economy since the end of prohibition. I could testify to countless acts of lascivousness I have witnessed while driving in the town at night. My comic strip "BiNGE" is based on Asbury Park and Belmar of the 1980's. Ugly, gritty and self destructive population living in a social urinal on the Jersey shore. A common coment about Pringle is that he is destroying the local economy. Do you want employment in Belmar? Can you tend bar or flip pizzas? Can you tolorate the stench of vomit in your cab? Apply within. Seven pizza joints in the town, not one bookstore. If he gets his way I may have to look for a new job. Thanks Kenny, perhaps now I will get off my ass and seek employment where some guy named Tony isn't asking me "Where are all of the bitches and ho's at?" I think it speaks volumes when a drooling, crossed eyed individual with beer vomit on his shirt says "Pringle is ruining this town."

It was wrong for him to single out an ethnic group for his humor. That just isn't cool nowadays. We all know how Italian Americans have been stereo-typed in the media. I am sure most Italian decent Americans from the N.Y.C. area would never single out or use a racial slur against another minority for the sake of humor. They are too sensative for that. If Pringle had used the word "Bennie" instead of "Guido" all of this would have blown over by now.

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