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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

one more political Blog entry

Let me throw my 2 cents in on this election. Who would I vote for? Does it matter? it's like being asking to choose the healthiest meal and being given a choice of Burger King or McDonalds. Coke or Pepsi. This is only a democracy in as so much as a popularity contest for the elite. Do we really have any choice? We get to pick from a handfull of powerfull families, Bushes, Clintons, Kenendys, Gores. Why bother? Even if the popular vote speaks, the governing powers decide. Like in ancient Rome, the leaders kept thier power by distracting the masses with entertainment of barbarism. Taxing the the poor to the very edge of revolt. A good politician is nothing more than a Roman governor . We are the modern Roman Empire. Still fighting with the Persians, living better than the Huns.

Let's end the charade of elections. Next november's outcome was probally a forgone conclusion two years ago. We the people have been manipulated into believing primaries and public opinions matter. Call me a conspiracy nut, but I don't believe for one moment the collective American voice will ever be heard again.
Let's sit back on our asses and let the handfull of elitists freely riegn over us to satisfy thier selfish and diabolical plans. Just give us a few perks to keep the peasant masses content. Leagalize pot, I'll sit back and watch big bussiness take our tax money, use it to pad the nests of a few. Go on, start wars anywhere you want, go on crusades to crush economic rivals. Just keep giving us American Idol TV, Brittany Spears snatch pics, and let us argue over the truly important issues in America. Burger King or McDonald's?

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