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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mr. Sticky

Meet Richard Stickle, or as BiNGE likes to call him "Dick Sticky." I couldn't do the addiction comic strip with out having a sex addict. A sticky topic for sure. Some might view BiNGE as a sex addict, I don't think so. Although Athena uses the promise of sex as a carrot on a stick to lure BiNGE into her world of intrigue, it seldom pays off. On the rare occasion when he does receive the cheese at the end of an emotional maze, he usually ends up in the Emergency Room of Shore County Hospital. I think Binge seeks sex from Athena as her "approval" or sign of love. His character is emotionally starved and confused. Needing the attention of a self centered woman, he jumps thu hoops to achieve a misplaced goal. I doubt Binge thinks about sex more than any other man, he just hangs paintings of his escapades in art galleries. (or creates a comic strip about it)Mr. Sticky on the other hand (ahem) is void of emotion, a chronic masturbator who is detached from women. In the episode "Same as the old boss" Mr. Sticky is confronted by a fantastic situation: A real live adult actress alone, and luring him into a night of passion in a motel room. Mr. Sticky flees in terror of the prospect of having a personal connection with a real woman. He probably rushed home and pleasured himself to one of her films. Much more comfortable with fantasy than an actual brief relationship. If he had to be defined, I would call him a "Solosexual."

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