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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Binge's Apartment

The garage apartment that BiNGE lives in is based on my old place in Belmar NJ. (for leagle reasons it shall remain undissclosed exactly where) I reminissed about it as I started to clear out the infinite jpgs on my hard drive. Just for giggles I thought I would post them on this blog to show that art imitates life.
A festive rodent farm in the kitchen drawers.
Fire code? we don't need no stinkin fire code!
Rustic Early American Decor!
There were about a dozen more photos along this line. Holes in the walls where exposed pipes had been repaired years earlier, mold, water stains from a leaking roof, and all of the wonderfull character that tenants come to expect while living in another's investment property. I understand now that about a half a dozen illeagle aliens now are living there. Welcome to America!

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