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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The BiNGE & Athena almost relationship...

When I think of all the times I've tried so hard to leave her,
she will turn to me and start to cry,
And she promises the earth to me and I believe her,
After all this time I don't know why, Ah, girl, girl
There is nothing more vile or ugly than a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, however a man stuck in one is hilarious for some reason. Don't ask me to explain why, it shouldn't be. Athena DeCruelle is a professional dominatrix and adult internet film star. Binge views their almost relationship as a traditional vanilla boyfriend/girlfriend thing. "I'm not into the whole S&N scene" so says Binge. A dominatrix by trade and nature, Athena is quite possibly at her most sadistic in the emotional arena. Her tools include deceit, critism, infidelity and constant verbal abuse. I based the character on observations that I have made over the years of my friends. I, of course would never tolerate such behavior in a woman that I was involved with.

Done laughing? Good. I thought the relationship would work in a comedic way in the comic strip because almost every guy has known at least one Athena DeCruelle in his life. Perhaps women may identify with Binge as the passive partner, or secretly admire Athena's power and control.

Was she told when she was young that pain would lead to pleasure,

Did she understand it when they said that a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure,

Will she still believe it when he's dead?

The Beatles

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