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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alcoholics Autonomous

Let me start off this ramble by saying "I have plenty of addictions" I'm tired of people trying to add more of them on my plate. Gamblers scolding me because I don't play the lottery, "You'll never get rich if you don't play" That statement coming from guys that drop $60 a day on losing tickets. Obese people calling me skinny, saying I look unhealthy and I should eat more junk food to put on weight (Really, I've been told that) Cokeheads trying to talk me into going "halvies" with them on blow. As a cab driver, I deal with hardcore alcoholics every night. My nightly encounters with them keep me from ever picking up a bottle again. (maybe) I don't want to get self righteous on this, because their traits only show me MY SHORTCOMINGS.

Here are a list of observations I have made. Perhaps it's already been covered in the AA book, I wouldn't know. Friends of Bill W. are every bit as annoying as friends of Jack D. Why do drunks have a need to give opinions and advice? Experts on everything, and "Just trying to help you..." Once they dry up, they are suddenly experts on how you're messing up your life and they can help you do an inventory of your shortcomings. The very fact there is a cult of dry drunks in a church basement somewhere spouting how they know the answers is not that far removed from a bar filled with sloppy drunks doing exactly the same thing. I think part of having the answer is keeping it to yourself. Your relationship with god is important, once you share it with others it becomes a religion and totally ruins everything you and god had going. That's all together another blog, religion

Loners are not lonely, to the contrary they don't need a lot of social interaction to be happy. The sad and lonely people are the ones who must have other lonely people around themselves all of the time. Drunks are lonely individuals who have a real need to socialize. Every night I hear them say "I know so-and-so, do you?" Always on the cell phone making social plans to indulge together. "Driver, where do you like to drink?" "I don't" "Oh, did the judge make you stop?" "No, I just choose not to." "Well, what do you do then?" "I jerk off to pictures of your mother." Drunks can quickly become violent I have found. I think a lot of them base their self esteem on how many phone calls they get. "I know everyone." Yes you do, and all of them take my cab because they have lost their drivier's licenses too.

What have all of these alcoholics taught me? I'm no different, sitting here spouting my unsolicited opinion. Next time I'll tell you everything god wants you to know.

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