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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Any Surprises?

What infuriates me the most about the Il. Governor scandal is that I'm not shocked or outraged. Business as usual. These are politicians, the most corrupt and vile DNA in the the universe. Ancient Rome or some backwater government today, same old same old. Chicago has lived up to it's Democratic reputation.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Bailout Bastards

New Jersey cartoonist Eric T. Styles has released his latest off the wall comic addressing the A.I.G. bailout. The players in the financial bailout weave their way into Styles’ web comic “BiNGE.” Edward Liddy’s characture joins the surreal ensemble of a beatnik artist, internet dominatrix and two yuppie stoners. The comedic story line follows an AIG executive into a sado-masochistic triste, where the government bailout funds “trickle down” to a hapless artist and his pizza hungry friends. Also mentioned in the comic are former Governor Spitzer and General Motors’ C.E.O.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Holiday Season is upon us

I eririly posted this a day before the attacks in India. It would only be in bad taste now if I had posted it after the attacks. I think it sums up the complete differances in cultures and the state of the world. Christmas seemed to be more fun back durring the Cold War days. Even the name "Cold War" sounds like it might result in a snowball fight.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Well, it's over...

Or perhaps the real fights are just starting. I've kept busy with "30 Cartoons in 30 Days" It's been fun and challenging. I hope I provided laughs and provoked thought. The BiNGE characters slipped into it my editorial cartoons. Lance and Jody represented the Yellow undecided states. The Stalker Chick represented the fanatical Obama supporters. Driven by the cult of personality and insistance that she is always right. A mindless Lemming who will throw her support to the favorite to win.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Back in the USSA......

Am I the only one who sees what's happening. I was always a far left liberal. I even read the communist manifesto when I was in my early 20's. At the time I was earning minimum wage and wore a "DIE YUPPIE SCUM" T-shirt. Over the years, I saw the collapse of communism, and I learned about freedom.
I still earn squat, still hate yuppies but I believe that every person is responsible for their own lives.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The 7-11 Cup Poll

I think the Coffee cup poll held by the 7-11 stores is a cool promotion. Drinking up to 5 cups of coffee per shift, I hit all of the local stores at night. One night I had a Pakistani clerk grill me over my choice of cups. "Why don't you like Obama?" "I don't think he's the best choice." I politely responded. The clerk has been cold ever since. Two nights ago at a different 7-11, (Ocean & 8th Ave in Belmar NJ.) I went in for my 3 am cup, to find only BLUE Obama cups occupying the coffee counter. I searched and scanned for the red McCain cups that grace my dashboard at night. None to be seen. I turned to the clerk, to see a smug grin on his face. "Where's the McCain cups?" I asked. "We all out, use Obama cup, he's better." I purchased a plain 16 oz cup.
This may seem like a small manipulation by one single man, however it demonstrates the attitude of Obama supporters. They fight dirty. An informal poll or voter registration fraud, it shows how much contempt the Obama side has for rules and democracy. Are you so afraid your man can't win without resorting to stacking the deck?

BTW, I'm dropping a note to the Southland Corp.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Acorn Scandal

Been busy with my "30 Cartoons in 30 Days for McCain" Project. I'm sick of all entertainment being nothing more than Hollywood's Obama Lap Dance. I've been staying top of things with a lot of AM radio shows. I don't know why, but I find Laura Ingraham hot. And Sarah too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

bank bail out cartoon

Well America, it's here. The globalist have finally crippled us. They eroded our government, our society and financial institutions. We will be thrust into a standard of living simular to the dark ages. In debt to a handfuls of land barons who control everything. The Carngies, Tri-Laterlists or whoever. Rot in hell you inhuman reptoid bastards.

I've been following the breaking story on AM's Coast To Coast. Actually very good coverage. I don't know how they get away with it.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Athena Does G.O.P.

In a stunning turn of events that has rocked the Hollywood starlet scene, Athena DeCruelle, former B-movie star turned professional dominatrix, has announced her support for the McCain/Palin ticket. Ms. DeCruelle, who recently instructed the US Defense Department in non-life threatening interrogation techniques for the remaining prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, was quoted as saying to Barack Obama, "Who's the little piggie now!" She went on to say that Sarah Palin has "a nice rack, and a cute 'First Dude'", and asserted that "Johnny seems like a really sweet guy." In her closing statement, 'Ms. Athena', as she's known to her close associates, told reporters that she'd be sending Sarah "her favorite whip to help reform those sissy dems in Washington."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

180 degree turn

I hated the Bush administration. Everything it stood for. Big oil, big profits for Cheney's partners in crime. Homeland Security and it's war on human rights. I felt as if I was seeing the birth of an evil empire conceived in propaganda and ignorance. I would've voted for anyone who was NOT Republican. When Obama came along, I was enthusiastic. Soon it soured with the revelation of his pastor and mentor, Pastor Wright. A dangerous and demented clergyman who was every bit as scary as any cleric in the Mid East spouting anti-American rhetoric.
Recent statements such as "If you don't vote for Obama, you're a racist" Huh? What if I think he's a wrong choice? Should I vote for him just because of the color of his skin? How is that not unlike racism? So using that logic ANY man of color should be President despite his qualifications. Ok, Democracy works.
Liberals have revealed themselves as the hypocrites that they are. Woo, woo, Hilary as our first female Prez. Palin as vice Prez? NO! Who will look after her family? Since when did the left take a stand that a woman's place is in the home? Oprah, the afternoon demi-goddess of women refuses to have Palin on her show until after the election. Ok, so she's not a journalist. She fears that Palin might appeal to her female empowered audience. Let's let the strong men lead us, Palin should stay at home, cooking, cleaning and watching the Oprah show with the rest of America's housewives.As much as I hate the Republican Party, I would have to vote for McCain. A veteran who has some concept of how wars are won and lost. This war was started by a greedy slightly psychotic elitist who had no loved ones in peril. Let the war be ended by a man who has been there, done that, and understands full well the costs. Or we can turn it over to a man with no experience in war, and went to a church that openly despised everything most rational Americans hold dear.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The post card

OK, here we go, I've started to send out the promotional post cards. Scary. it's one thing for me to sit here and tell a handful of friends "Yea, I'm going to create a TV show" Sounds like a harmless delusional claim, safe in my little web site world. Now I have stepped outside the safety of my ambitious daydream into a cold harsh world. A world punctuated with criticism and rejection. Approaching total strangers who don't know me, and have little interest in my sensitive nature. Talented artists who have devoted their lives to industries that I have no experience in. It's kind of like when I started to drag my paintings around to art galleries. The first few said "No thanks", but I kept trying. It's not easy to continue after rejection. I guess that's what separates those who do, from those who don't. I believe in my skills and my vision. My close circle has encouraged me, and believed in me. Some have cocked their heads sideways and given me an "Oh really?" I know it's a long shot. Those who scoff are the same ones who spend $50 a day on lottery tickets as a retirement plan. "I'll hit it big someday" they say. Well, this is my lottery ticket, but I'm taking control. Thousands of hours of work, tens of thousands of hours of thought. I figure those I have approached, voice talent, fellow artists, producers, were all in the same spot at one time.

There is an old proverb: "If you jump for the stars you may land on the moon. Jump for the moon, you'll never get off of the Earth." Even if my dream doesn't materialize, at least I had one. I'm jumping, I may land on my face. The only ones who would laugh at my failure are those who never jump. Those that have jumped and made it would say try again.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Who inspired the look of Athena DeCruelle?

Cory Lane

I based the look of her on internet hottie Cory Lane. Who, in my opinion is probably the most drop dead gorgeous woman I have ever seen. A very talented model who just looks like she's having fun with the camera. Cory starred in the film "Malibu Heat" and many others. Ms Lane is known for doing a lot of fetish type films. The comic BiNGE is kind of what you might imagine a boyfriend's life would be like. "She couldn't go out tonight. she was tied up at work..."

If you're really curious, you could google her. Yea Baby.
When I first started to developed the Athena character, I tried to give her a sterner face. As her character has developed in the story line I've softened her look. I've been really fine tuning the look of all of the characters. In the next 6 storyboards starting in the fall, you'll notice a more polished look to them.
Who inspired Athena's personality and character? Really, could any woman be that manipulative and diabolical?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cartoon Genitals

I see the latest trend in animation sight gags seems to be drawing toon nude, pixilating it out for TV. Then show it on DVD's. It's easy to get a cheap laugh with cartoon genitals, I've been doing it for years. The first bathroom wall art most draw involves a guy's junk. The earliest cave paintings in France show a man chasing a buffalo with a spear. On the other wall he drew his Johnson. You'll never see that on the Discovery channel. In Episode 2, "Meet the New Boss" Binge is given a job in an Adult Bookstore, lots of room for mature artwork. I tried to leave as much as I could to the viewer's imagination. In one scene, he is doing an inventory of marital aids. I could've shown the most elaborate devices and novelties, but I chose not to. Instead I placed them into plain brown boxes relevant to size and shape.I figured leave it to the viewer's imagination. Whatever they picture in the boxes is what's there.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Homophobe parking in the rear

A co-worker tonight got me thinking. I had made a comment about the word "Rear" being used. I won't go into details, but it was an excrement type of joke. My fellow employee (an openly gay hater) instantly turned it into a homo joke. Why do straight men who detest gay men find homosexual conitations in nearly everything even vagally related? I have seen it time and time again..."Oh, you have a pink cigarette lighter! Do you use that to signal other queers that you want to (perform oral sex on them?") "No, I found the pink lighter in my cab" "It must've been dropped by a faggot" I doubt gay men think as much about gay sex as homophobes do. It doesn't take a lot to trigger a gay comment from them, bending over to pick something up, eating a banana or just being polite. Anything that gives them a homosexual thought, is reason enough to make them comment on another's sexuality.This guy even refused to have a gay driver pick him up to bring him into work. "I don't want to be in the car alone with him" Homophobic men think every gay man wants them? Do you see women beating down your door to perform oral on you? No, you have to pay a female to do it, so why would a gay man offer to do it? I'm sure that gay driver intended to slip GHB into your coffee and sodomize your unconscious, 300 lb, 67 year old ass along side the road.Being a mellow and passive artist type who doesn't watch sports, I've been called a fag all of my life. I'll admit it's pissed me off for a long time, it was a source of rage within me. I released much of the anger that has haunted me by coming to terms with what I am, an "Art-fag." An art fag is a man who has most of the same traits as the stereotypical homosexual, except he digs chicks. I did miss out on the ability to dance and fashion. Bad dancer and dresser, those are probably the most hetro traits I have. Over the years, hearing those kinds of statements has made me realize that I wouldn't want to be "Mr. Macho."

Keep your camoflage Zippo lighter with the skull and crossbones, I'll keep my pink Bic. Oh yea, if I was gay, you would agian be the last man on earth.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Episode one has everything you could want in a a comedic adventure, fights, fires, art, government conspiracies, S&M, and aliens. For some strange unknown reason I feel compelled to include the UFO theme through out the BiNGE story line. I'm not a one hundred percent believer in the whole E.T. thing. However the alien theme has shown up through out my artwork. If nothing else it's at least a pop culture fad, Or perhaps the most important phenomenon to hit this planet since some guy was nailed to a cross for saying "Love your neighbor."
In season two the aliens return, contacting Athena in a cosmic business venture. Apparently the only thing that is exclusive to earth is art. Geneticly "refined" alien races have lost any creativity in the arts. An alien genetic engineering corporation decides to market artistic DNA to the rest of the galactic races. Their source for the raw DNA material turns out to be our hapless NJ artist BiNGE. Exploiting their contact Athena DeCruelle, soon BiNGE becomes a DNA producing factory for her greed. The thought of alien worlds being populated by BiNGE offspring is a terrifying idea.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

She dont lie, she dont lie, she dont lie...

One time I listened to a coke head go on for two hours about healthy living. She went off on a tangent about how dairy products are bad for me. "Lots of respirtory infections come from milk, really (snooooooort) Did you know, (sniff, sniff) that cottage cheese is bad for your sinuses? (snort)" I think her overly aggressive Rotwieler has coked up too

True story.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What does Binge's art look like?

I think something like this.

The Big BiNGE Promo

Here it is. A post card. The best solution is usually the simplest. I played off of the Springsteen angle. Why not, most every hack bar band on the NJ shore does. If I see one more web site with some garage musician wearing a leather jacket in front of Convention Center...I'll start sniping.This is the Asbury Park NJ I remember from when I worked in it durring the 1980's. Gritty and surreal. Much of that is now gone due to recent development projects. The old girl was well captured in the film 'City By The Sea.'

Thursday, July 31, 2008

The First ever BiNGE Cartoon 2004

After I drew this, I knew I was onto something.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Athena DeCruelle's almost porn site

Athena DeCruelle's Web Site of Eternal Dependancy I tried to create an alternate "internet world" for the BiNGE comic. Links that would take off to small fictitious sites giving a depth to the characters and the town of Keysburg Beach NJ. Athena's is the most in elaborate. A non-porn porn site. I wanted to keep it a PG 14 rating as to not offend the easily offended. Besides, there is more humor in subtlety implied porn than the blatant cheap sleaziness of "adult comics."

Her site provides a background to what she does for a living. Some readers might not be sure what a dominatrix does, or what the adult internet has to offer. So for that one person, I created her site. I offered free wallpapers for one's computer, fake film sales to give a complete biography. Also, it shows one of the reasons Binge might be so enamored by her. He has what so many men fantasize about. If there is one lesson to be learned from BiNGE, it's "Be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it."

The BiNGE & Athena almost relationship...

When I think of all the times I've tried so hard to leave her,
she will turn to me and start to cry,
And she promises the earth to me and I believe her,
After all this time I don't know why, Ah, girl, girl
There is nothing more vile or ugly than a woman trapped in an abusive relationship, however a man stuck in one is hilarious for some reason. Don't ask me to explain why, it shouldn't be. Athena DeCruelle is a professional dominatrix and adult internet film star. Binge views their almost relationship as a traditional vanilla boyfriend/girlfriend thing. "I'm not into the whole S&N scene" so says Binge. A dominatrix by trade and nature, Athena is quite possibly at her most sadistic in the emotional arena. Her tools include deceit, critism, infidelity and constant verbal abuse. I based the character on observations that I have made over the years of my friends. I, of course would never tolerate such behavior in a woman that I was involved with.

Done laughing? Good. I thought the relationship would work in a comedic way in the comic strip because almost every guy has known at least one Athena DeCruelle in his life. Perhaps women may identify with Binge as the passive partner, or secretly admire Athena's power and control.

Was she told when she was young that pain would lead to pleasure,

Did she understand it when they said that a man must break his back to earn his day of leisure,

Will she still believe it when he's dead?

The Beatles

Mr. Sticky

Meet Richard Stickle, or as BiNGE likes to call him "Dick Sticky." I couldn't do the addiction comic strip with out having a sex addict. A sticky topic for sure. Some might view BiNGE as a sex addict, I don't think so. Although Athena uses the promise of sex as a carrot on a stick to lure BiNGE into her world of intrigue, it seldom pays off. On the rare occasion when he does receive the cheese at the end of an emotional maze, he usually ends up in the Emergency Room of Shore County Hospital. I think Binge seeks sex from Athena as her "approval" or sign of love. His character is emotionally starved and confused. Needing the attention of a self centered woman, he jumps thu hoops to achieve a misplaced goal. I doubt Binge thinks about sex more than any other man, he just hangs paintings of his escapades in art galleries. (or creates a comic strip about it)Mr. Sticky on the other hand (ahem) is void of emotion, a chronic masturbator who is detached from women. In the episode "Same as the old boss" Mr. Sticky is confronted by a fantastic situation: A real live adult actress alone, and luring him into a night of passion in a motel room. Mr. Sticky flees in terror of the prospect of having a personal connection with a real woman. He probably rushed home and pleasured himself to one of her films. Much more comfortable with fantasy than an actual brief relationship. If he had to be defined, I would call him a "Solosexual."

The gang @ work...

This cartoon is based on my co-workers. "What if the taxi dispatchers were air traffic controllers." A great bunch of people. I love them all. Tammy is easily the best employer i ever had. Most of the passengers are cool too. I have grown more with my people skills at this job than any other. Ironicly, it's the passengers that are the biggest jerks that help me grow more as a person.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Alcoholics Autonomous

Let me start off this ramble by saying "I have plenty of addictions" I'm tired of people trying to add more of them on my plate. Gamblers scolding me because I don't play the lottery, "You'll never get rich if you don't play" That statement coming from guys that drop $60 a day on losing tickets. Obese people calling me skinny, saying I look unhealthy and I should eat more junk food to put on weight (Really, I've been told that) Cokeheads trying to talk me into going "halvies" with them on blow. As a cab driver, I deal with hardcore alcoholics every night. My nightly encounters with them keep me from ever picking up a bottle again. (maybe) I don't want to get self righteous on this, because their traits only show me MY SHORTCOMINGS.

Here are a list of observations I have made. Perhaps it's already been covered in the AA book, I wouldn't know. Friends of Bill W. are every bit as annoying as friends of Jack D. Why do drunks have a need to give opinions and advice? Experts on everything, and "Just trying to help you..." Once they dry up, they are suddenly experts on how you're messing up your life and they can help you do an inventory of your shortcomings. The very fact there is a cult of dry drunks in a church basement somewhere spouting how they know the answers is not that far removed from a bar filled with sloppy drunks doing exactly the same thing. I think part of having the answer is keeping it to yourself. Your relationship with god is important, once you share it with others it becomes a religion and totally ruins everything you and god had going. That's all together another blog, religion

Loners are not lonely, to the contrary they don't need a lot of social interaction to be happy. The sad and lonely people are the ones who must have other lonely people around themselves all of the time. Drunks are lonely individuals who have a real need to socialize. Every night I hear them say "I know so-and-so, do you?" Always on the cell phone making social plans to indulge together. "Driver, where do you like to drink?" "I don't" "Oh, did the judge make you stop?" "No, I just choose not to." "Well, what do you do then?" "I jerk off to pictures of your mother." Drunks can quickly become violent I have found. I think a lot of them base their self esteem on how many phone calls they get. "I know everyone." Yes you do, and all of them take my cab because they have lost their drivier's licenses too.

What have all of these alcoholics taught me? I'm no different, sitting here spouting my unsolicited opinion. Next time I'll tell you everything god wants you to know.

Monday, July 21, 2008


I am a night shift cab driver in Belmar Nj. A good portion of my personal income arrives from obnoxious, vulgar, inconsidorate "Guidos" from Staten Island. Whatever amount of money I bring home from them does not even come close to covering the anger management classes I need by mid summer. For the past few weeks I have been listening to an infinite number of passengers and co-workers bash Mayor Kenneth Pringle over his statement concerning the visitors to this fine town. When pressed, they all privately agree his coments were on the mark. They follow thier agreement with "He just shouldn't have said it." Ok, your'e upset that a politician did not sugar coat a politicly correct statement and cater to both sides of a fence. After listening to my passengers lamb baste the Mayor for years, I kept wondering how has he managed to be re-elected so many times? Simple: Elections are held on Tuesdays, and everyone who opposes Pringle can be found at Bar Aniticipation on Tuesday night for the "beat the clock" happy hour. If you really gave a crap about local politics, you'd put down your fifty cent draft and get your drunken asses off the bar stool for a half hour and go down to the polls. Oh wait, you forgot to register didn't you?

"16th & Main" 2004

Don't get me wrong, I've stumbled out of a few bars in Belmar, but I waited until I got home to relieve myself. Belmar has been known for it's alchohol based economy since the end of prohibition. I could testify to countless acts of lascivousness I have witnessed while driving in the town at night. My comic strip "BiNGE" is based on Asbury Park and Belmar of the 1980's. Ugly, gritty and self destructive population living in a social urinal on the Jersey shore. A common coment about Pringle is that he is destroying the local economy. Do you want employment in Belmar? Can you tend bar or flip pizzas? Can you tolorate the stench of vomit in your cab? Apply within. Seven pizza joints in the town, not one bookstore. If he gets his way I may have to look for a new job. Thanks Kenny, perhaps now I will get off my ass and seek employment where some guy named Tony isn't asking me "Where are all of the bitches and ho's at?" I think it speaks volumes when a drooling, crossed eyed individual with beer vomit on his shirt says "Pringle is ruining this town."

It was wrong for him to single out an ethnic group for his humor. That just isn't cool nowadays. We all know how Italian Americans have been stereo-typed in the media. I am sure most Italian decent Americans from the N.Y.C. area would never single out or use a racial slur against another minority for the sake of humor. They are too sensative for that. If Pringle had used the word "Bennie" instead of "Guido" all of this would have blown over by now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

one more political Blog entry

Let me throw my 2 cents in on this election. Who would I vote for? Does it matter? it's like being asking to choose the healthiest meal and being given a choice of Burger King or McDonalds. Coke or Pepsi. This is only a democracy in as so much as a popularity contest for the elite. Do we really have any choice? We get to pick from a handfull of powerfull families, Bushes, Clintons, Kenendys, Gores. Why bother? Even if the popular vote speaks, the governing powers decide. Like in ancient Rome, the leaders kept thier power by distracting the masses with entertainment of barbarism. Taxing the the poor to the very edge of revolt. A good politician is nothing more than a Roman governor . We are the modern Roman Empire. Still fighting with the Persians, living better than the Huns.

Let's end the charade of elections. Next november's outcome was probally a forgone conclusion two years ago. We the people have been manipulated into believing primaries and public opinions matter. Call me a conspiracy nut, but I don't believe for one moment the collective American voice will ever be heard again.
Let's sit back on our asses and let the handfull of elitists freely riegn over us to satisfy thier selfish and diabolical plans. Just give us a few perks to keep the peasant masses content. Leagalize pot, I'll sit back and watch big bussiness take our tax money, use it to pad the nests of a few. Go on, start wars anywhere you want, go on crusades to crush economic rivals. Just keep giving us American Idol TV, Brittany Spears snatch pics, and let us argue over the truly important issues in America. Burger King or McDonald's?

Binge's Apartment

The garage apartment that BiNGE lives in is based on my old place in Belmar NJ. (for leagle reasons it shall remain undissclosed exactly where) I reminissed about it as I started to clear out the infinite jpgs on my hard drive. Just for giggles I thought I would post them on this blog to show that art imitates life.
A festive rodent farm in the kitchen drawers.
Fire code? we don't need no stinkin fire code!
Rustic Early American Decor!
There were about a dozen more photos along this line. Holes in the walls where exposed pipes had been repaired years earlier, mold, water stains from a leaking roof, and all of the wonderfull character that tenants come to expect while living in another's investment property. I understand now that about a half a dozen illeagle aliens now are living there. Welcome to America!