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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome a new BiNGE sponsor

Those of us at BiNGEworks Productions would like to welcome aboard a new sponsor: I have known Joe for about 20 years, and he's been in the sign industry even longer. Always excited about the latest industry technology he can direct you to exactly what you are looking for.


While driving a cab for 12 hours a night, I get a lot of ideas for T-shirts. I'd probally have a lot more ideas if I spoke Spanish. Here is a list of somethings either from a Binge script, or just BiNGE-like.

• I have to go alphabetize the lesbians now... (Pleasure Dome Adult Emporium Logo)
• Why do you have an ATM in your bedroom?
• Sex, Drugs and Friendship
• Great I just pulled a Roswell (dead alien pic)
• Less porn more work....

See? This is what Travis Bickle should've been doing. Something positive. I'll keep adding some as I find the countless scraps of paper. Any ideas or feedback? Let me know. Perhaps I'll put this up to a vote for top five. That's if any of you warts ever bother to read, or reply to my blog. Go ahead bust my chops.