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Rambling thoughts of a cartooning cab driver on the Jersey Shore

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Stalker Chick

She's a composite of a few. I had one passenger who I picked up at 3 am, jump in the car and say "Quick get out of here, GO! GO!" You keep an eye in your mirror for good guys and bad guys. It turned out her ex boyfriend was stalking her. She took a round trip cab ride to Bradley Beach to see if her stalker was at his new girlfriend's house. She slunk down low in the back seat so her stalker wouldn't see her. Afterall he did have a BOGUS restraining order against her. Her ex has a lot of cop friends, who stalked her too.

She killed a half pint of Vodka in the backseat of my cab as she told more of what I never wanted to know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My favorite character?

It has to be Athena DeCruel. She is so over the top and extreme. Yet I'm sure most men in this world will say the knew one like her. I can lampoon so many things with her. She's fun to write, and fun to draw. I tried to draw her in as many costume changes as possible. Something is just funnier when you have chicks in Viking helmets.

"Binge, I will be away on business for a week. Will you be a dear and come over to water the plants and feed the gimp?"
I like to say she is a composite of every man's worst nightmare when it comes to women.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Name the Liquor store contest

I liked this one the best of what I did on my days off. It's one of five "LIQUOR RITE" stores in the ficticious town of Keysburg Beach NJ. Can you name the real liquor store and where it's located?

Hint: (It's a three dollar zone)

Name it, and it's adress, I'll get you a t-shirt from Cafe Press.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

What is BiNGE about?

I usually say it's about addictions. The pursuit, indulgence and ramifications. BiNGE doesn't glorify them, it mocks on them. We all have something, drugs, booze, sex, bad relationships or overeating. If you can think of it, one of the main characters will have it. It's about friendships surviving the chaos our world. Binge is an artist in search of the "21st century's bohemia." Along the way he stumbles through the backwaters of life.

Binge's life line to sanity are two 420 enthusiasts who believe in Binge as an artist. His artwork is often sidetracked by his ultra high maintenance girlfriend, Athena DeCruel. Athena is a professional dominatrix and adult Internet star. Binge is often dragged into her surrealistic life as her "almost boyfriend." Constantly appearing is an alcoholic boardwalk psychic and nemesis "The stalker chick."