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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


While driving a cab for 12 hours a night, I get a lot of ideas for T-shirts. I'd probally have a lot more ideas if I spoke Spanish. Here is a list of somethings either from a Binge script, or just BiNGE-like.

• I have to go alphabetize the lesbians now... (Pleasure Dome Adult Emporium Logo)
• Why do you have an ATM in your bedroom?
• Sex, Drugs and Friendship
• Great I just pulled a Roswell (dead alien pic)
• Less porn more work....

See? This is what Travis Bickle should've been doing. Something positive. I'll keep adding some as I find the countless scraps of paper. Any ideas or feedback? Let me know. Perhaps I'll put this up to a vote for top five. That's if any of you warts ever bother to read, or reply to my blog. Go ahead bust my chops.

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