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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another real turkey

Well, the holidays are aproaching like headlights towards a reindeer. They suck, I hate them. November's BiNGE puncuaites that statement. I bring back from Sept's story, Satan himself.
Some of the artwork is from BiNGE's first incarnation, a webtoon. Four panel colors. They took a minimum of 15 hours each. I needed a faster format, black and white, rough sketches, simple text. That's how the script / storyboard look came about. Then I said to myself "Dude, why don't you write a half hour animation show?" then I replied "Woa! Yea! Cool, and do storyboard art" then I said "F*ck Yea!" then I said "Where's my lighter..."
So the comic became the means instead of the end.

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