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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How's Hell coming?

I've kind of fallen behind on September's BiNGE toon. I won't offer any excuses ( My tux didn't come back from the cleaners, an old friend came in from outta town, I ran out of gas, there was an earthquake...) I'm trying to hump this out so I can jump on November's. I'm a thinkin... I want to crank this thing up to eleven. I'm going to really start trying to sell this as a script in 2008. Originally I was going to wait until I had all scripts and storyboards completed to ALL 13 episodes. That was slated to finish that project by mid 09. I'm old, my heart is like a water baloon daggling from a running faucet.
If you hadn't heard, the world is going to end in 2012. So that won't leave a whole lot of production time. I want to look into what paths are needed to be taken to get to the little screen.. Do I have to go thru agents? Or can I aproach production companies myself? Could I contact a talent to get them interested. I found sometimes not knowing the rules of the game helps you make it. Or you really frog up.
I'm really confidant that I have an excellent project, at times it blows me away. You know when Michelangelo finish the ceiling, he looked up and said "God-daaaam!" He didn't see the pope behind him.

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