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Monday, September 24, 2007 in 2008!

This month has recieved it's 10,000th visitor since Jan 06. Perhaps a small number by web standards, but I like it. BiNGE is around 2,300 visits since March of this year. I have fallen behind on episode 4, busy working on it. I am also working on Athena that I hope to debut by 01/01/08. Athena's site will be a spin off of sorts for the BiNGE epic. A parody of internet porn sites, with no real porn. At most a PG 17. The site will acompany the BiNGE story line, almost giving the character an web existance of her own. The site will have the BiNGE webtoon, cool t-shirts, novelties and offer free Athena wallpapers.
I have been working a lot of banner exchanges for BiNGE on the mainstream web. I am going to utilize to bring in readers from the vast "wrong side of the internet street" Athena's site will be linked to the adult internet sites. I will lure in visitors with "America's Favorite Cartoon Dominatrix" By having a seperate entry from the adult side of the internet, my mainstream readers won't be slapped by the adult websites. Each group will have a seperate "door."

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