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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The effects of VIDEO GAMES on BiNGE

I love da games, man. My favorite video game is the Grand Theft Auto series. The characters and the cities. I think this is why I try to make Keysburg Beach so detailed and rich in texture. The town is actually modeled off of Asbury Park NJ. There are elemants of Belmar, Neptune and Long Branch thrown in. I hope not only the locals, but the countless summer people will make the conections. Yet I think most of the congested areas of the country will reconize common themes in the town. One of my best selling art openings was themed by a GTA parady. This is the ad I designed for the show, a parody of a PS2 game box. I got the idea for the show titles while driving down Springwood ave at 3 am. Keysburg Beach NJ 07666. The cheapest place to live on the Jersey Shore. It's so cheap since it is a super fund site due to the US Navy spilled some sort of a covert chemical weapon back in 1965. Rumored to be a psycological chemical weapon for testing in Viet Nam. Officially confirmed in 1986, the Department of defence maintians that it won't harm anyone, just don't get too close. The exact location where it washed up on the beach is also where the Stalker Chick has her Palm Reading stand on the boardwalk. The next town over is a snooty, upper crust stuffshirt town called "Coast City" I wanted all of my towns to sound like real towns, but not actual ones. I checked maps, Coast City came from a cab company located in Spring Lake NJ. ( a snooty, upper crust stuffshirt town) Keysburg Beach was derived from KEYport, KeansBURG and Union BEACH. 3 towns whose reputation 20 years ago was much like that of this town.

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