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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who are Lance and Jody?

These two are real people, friends. Lance and Jody are two very high quality individuals who are my favorite people. A lot of the banter you read in BiNGE comics are almost verbatum of conversations the three of us have had. My real friends got the knicknames of "Lance and Jody" long before I ever started thinking about a strip.

Ironicly they had just really turned me onto Quentin Taratino's work. To be honest, they lent me Pulp Fiction for the handy dating tips that I probally would be needing. Imediatly I saw the simularities between my friends and the stoner couple in Pulp Fiction. You enter a smoke filled living room to find two people in thier pajamas eating cerial and watching TV. Banging around in dark rooms screaming "Where is IT!" And yes, on at least one ocassion my buddy told me on the phone "NO! Don't be bringing your f*cked up Poo-Baas over to my house..."

I did become a big Taratino fan, I even did a parody of PF with an art show in 2004. I came close to landing a green 72 Nova to being in the gallery. The tool never showed. Shame, I was going to serve the wine and cheese out of the trunk. Along with bits of melon. Lance and Jody were there too.

In BiNGE, I throw in a Gimp for fun.

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