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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meet Sugar Zionkowsky

I've a few of these passengers at closing time. Attractive women in their mid fifties with a fondness for wine. Closing the bars with women half their ages, and dressing like them. Often they excrete bitterness and anger at the world. Now, I know I'm not a good looking guy, I've been resigned to that salient fact for over 30 years. As I age, my vanity is in no way threatened. I can only imagine the fear that must hit people who count on good looks when looks start to fade. Clerks no longer jump to wait on them first, they don't get let out in traffic as often and cab drivers don't want to hear their dramas. This is Sugar, she once appeared in Playboy magazine ( The Girls of Community College, May 1970) Copies of which are still available on her nightstand. In this panel from "Same as the Old Boss", Sugar is returning a defective marital aid called the "Man-O-War Sportster." ($89.95)

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