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Sunday, July 8, 2007

What is BiNGE about?

I usually say it's about addictions. The pursuit, indulgence and ramifications. BiNGE doesn't glorify them, it mocks on them. We all have something, drugs, booze, sex, bad relationships or overeating. If you can think of it, one of the main characters will have it. It's about friendships surviving the chaos our world. Binge is an artist in search of the "21st century's bohemia." Along the way he stumbles through the backwaters of life.

Binge's life line to sanity are two 420 enthusiasts who believe in Binge as an artist. His artwork is often sidetracked by his ultra high maintenance girlfriend, Athena DeCruel. Athena is a professional dominatrix and adult Internet star. Binge is often dragged into her surrealistic life as her "almost boyfriend." Constantly appearing is an alcoholic boardwalk psychic and nemesis "The stalker chick."

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