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Sunday, December 16, 2007

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Welcome a new BiNGE sponsor

Those of us at BiNGEworks Productions would like to welcome aboard a new sponsor: I have known Joe for about 20 years, and he's been in the sign industry even longer. Always excited about the latest industry technology he can direct you to exactly what you are looking for.


While driving a cab for 12 hours a night, I get a lot of ideas for T-shirts. I'd probally have a lot more ideas if I spoke Spanish. Here is a list of somethings either from a Binge script, or just BiNGE-like.

• I have to go alphabetize the lesbians now... (Pleasure Dome Adult Emporium Logo)
• Why do you have an ATM in your bedroom?
• Sex, Drugs and Friendship
• Great I just pulled a Roswell (dead alien pic)
• Less porn more work....

See? This is what Travis Bickle should've been doing. Something positive. I'll keep adding some as I find the countless scraps of paper. Any ideas or feedback? Let me know. Perhaps I'll put this up to a vote for top five. That's if any of you warts ever bother to read, or reply to my blog. Go ahead bust my chops.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Another real turkey

Well, the holidays are aproaching like headlights towards a reindeer. They suck, I hate them. November's BiNGE puncuaites that statement. I bring back from Sept's story, Satan himself.
Some of the artwork is from BiNGE's first incarnation, a webtoon. Four panel colors. They took a minimum of 15 hours each. I needed a faster format, black and white, rough sketches, simple text. That's how the script / storyboard look came about. Then I said to myself "Dude, why don't you write a half hour animation show?" then I replied "Woa! Yea! Cool, and do storyboard art" then I said "F*ck Yea!" then I said "Where's my lighter..."
So the comic became the means instead of the end.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How's Hell coming?

I've kind of fallen behind on September's BiNGE toon. I won't offer any excuses ( My tux didn't come back from the cleaners, an old friend came in from outta town, I ran out of gas, there was an earthquake...) I'm trying to hump this out so I can jump on November's. I'm a thinkin... I want to crank this thing up to eleven. I'm going to really start trying to sell this as a script in 2008. Originally I was going to wait until I had all scripts and storyboards completed to ALL 13 episodes. That was slated to finish that project by mid 09. I'm old, my heart is like a water baloon daggling from a running faucet.
If you hadn't heard, the world is going to end in 2012. So that won't leave a whole lot of production time. I want to look into what paths are needed to be taken to get to the little screen.. Do I have to go thru agents? Or can I aproach production companies myself? Could I contact a talent to get them interested. I found sometimes not knowing the rules of the game helps you make it. Or you really frog up.
I'm really confidant that I have an excellent project, at times it blows me away. You know when Michelangelo finish the ceiling, he looked up and said "God-daaaam!" He didn't see the pope behind him.

Monday, September 24, 2007 in 2008!

This month has recieved it's 10,000th visitor since Jan 06. Perhaps a small number by web standards, but I like it. BiNGE is around 2,300 visits since March of this year. I have fallen behind on episode 4, busy working on it. I am also working on Athena that I hope to debut by 01/01/08. Athena's site will be a spin off of sorts for the BiNGE epic. A parody of internet porn sites, with no real porn. At most a PG 17. The site will acompany the BiNGE story line, almost giving the character an web existance of her own. The site will have the BiNGE webtoon, cool t-shirts, novelties and offer free Athena wallpapers.
I have been working a lot of banner exchanges for BiNGE on the mainstream web. I am going to utilize to bring in readers from the vast "wrong side of the internet street" Athena's site will be linked to the adult internet sites. I will lure in visitors with "America's Favorite Cartoon Dominatrix" By having a seperate entry from the adult side of the internet, my mainstream readers won't be slapped by the adult websites. Each group will have a seperate "door."

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hell In A Bucket

This panel is from the latest pant peeing chapter of BiNGE. Hell In A Bucket, a touching light hearted look at Satan. Kind of a Twilight Zone/X-File theme. Instead of Scully and Mulder, this has the two stoners Lance and Jody saving the world. During one of Athena's domination sessions with a client, a tear in the space time doo-hickey opens up a vortex straight into hell. Radio ministers, New Agers and a rocket scientist take a look at the portal to the afterworld, Binge tries to clog it up like a toilet.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


This is one of Athena's best credits. The prison matron in "Cheerleader Prison Farm" was a close second.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The effects of VIDEO GAMES on BiNGE

I love da games, man. My favorite video game is the Grand Theft Auto series. The characters and the cities. I think this is why I try to make Keysburg Beach so detailed and rich in texture. The town is actually modeled off of Asbury Park NJ. There are elemants of Belmar, Neptune and Long Branch thrown in. I hope not only the locals, but the countless summer people will make the conections. Yet I think most of the congested areas of the country will reconize common themes in the town. One of my best selling art openings was themed by a GTA parady. This is the ad I designed for the show, a parody of a PS2 game box. I got the idea for the show titles while driving down Springwood ave at 3 am. Keysburg Beach NJ 07666. The cheapest place to live on the Jersey Shore. It's so cheap since it is a super fund site due to the US Navy spilled some sort of a covert chemical weapon back in 1965. Rumored to be a psycological chemical weapon for testing in Viet Nam. Officially confirmed in 1986, the Department of defence maintians that it won't harm anyone, just don't get too close. The exact location where it washed up on the beach is also where the Stalker Chick has her Palm Reading stand on the boardwalk. The next town over is a snooty, upper crust stuffshirt town called "Coast City" I wanted all of my towns to sound like real towns, but not actual ones. I checked maps, Coast City came from a cab company located in Spring Lake NJ. ( a snooty, upper crust stuffshirt town) Keysburg Beach was derived from KEYport, KeansBURG and Union BEACH. 3 towns whose reputation 20 years ago was much like that of this town.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Top Ten things said by BiNGE durring sex

10 No let's not, I think it's a fire hazard
9 Whew, the gun was unloaded.
8 I promise I won't stretch them
7 I thought you bought some, let me get my coat.
6 Don't wake up who???
5 Shud up about the tanning booths.
4 What's the code word again?
3 Damn batteries.
2 Slow down, we're coming up on a toll booth.
1 Ouch.
This was compiled by Mike Ahearn and myself. I just stumbled across it again.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Meet Sugar Zionkowsky

I've a few of these passengers at closing time. Attractive women in their mid fifties with a fondness for wine. Closing the bars with women half their ages, and dressing like them. Often they excrete bitterness and anger at the world. Now, I know I'm not a good looking guy, I've been resigned to that salient fact for over 30 years. As I age, my vanity is in no way threatened. I can only imagine the fear that must hit people who count on good looks when looks start to fade. Clerks no longer jump to wait on them first, they don't get let out in traffic as often and cab drivers don't want to hear their dramas. This is Sugar, she once appeared in Playboy magazine ( The Girls of Community College, May 1970) Copies of which are still available on her nightstand. In this panel from "Same as the Old Boss", Sugar is returning a defective marital aid called the "Man-O-War Sportster." ($89.95)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Lohan, Hilton and Spears are Drunken Skanks

Lohan, Hilton and Spears, you're drunken skanks. I almost got side swiped by a bunch them on 16th Ave in Belmar. 3 or 4 college girls in daddy's Escalade missed me the literal inches. Even after I damn near took out a mailbox braking to the right. As the other driver and I made eye contact 22" apart, I could see her face illuminated by her cell phone. There was a look or surprise as if she spoke to her friend "Oh look! A cab driver, where did he come from?" Fortunately I was deadheading back into town to pick up someone with a little more sense than that group. If I had had a passenger they would've been hit with just a $75 bodily fluid clean up fee. Me? I don't even think I had the pleasure of an adrenaline rush.

I'll admit I damn near got popped a few years ago for DUI in Spring Lake Heights. The cop had me dead to rights, but he cut me a break. I haven't even come close to doing it again. I want to thank him, it wasn't an unheeded warning. On the road at two AM on the Jersey Shore, you're either a cop, a cab or a suspect. In the past two years driving cab I have seen a score of wrecks and countless DUI roadside tests administered. It just keeps me from drinking. Don't take away their license, make them do my job for six months. Sloppy drunks smack their heads as they fall into my car. Breath like a beer enema. Loud women will gravely voices sharing the drama du jour. Have some college brat from Spring Lake hurl $200 worth of drinks in your back seat as you realize you're taking home about $140 tonight.

So Lohan, Hilton and Spears, you're drunken skanks.
(Sure, I'd still bang'em.)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Who are Lance and Jody?

These two are real people, friends. Lance and Jody are two very high quality individuals who are my favorite people. A lot of the banter you read in BiNGE comics are almost verbatum of conversations the three of us have had. My real friends got the knicknames of "Lance and Jody" long before I ever started thinking about a strip.

Ironicly they had just really turned me onto Quentin Taratino's work. To be honest, they lent me Pulp Fiction for the handy dating tips that I probally would be needing. Imediatly I saw the simularities between my friends and the stoner couple in Pulp Fiction. You enter a smoke filled living room to find two people in thier pajamas eating cerial and watching TV. Banging around in dark rooms screaming "Where is IT!" And yes, on at least one ocassion my buddy told me on the phone "NO! Don't be bringing your f*cked up Poo-Baas over to my house..."

I did become a big Taratino fan, I even did a parody of PF with an art show in 2004. I came close to landing a green 72 Nova to being in the gallery. The tool never showed. Shame, I was going to serve the wine and cheese out of the trunk. Along with bits of melon. Lance and Jody were there too.

In BiNGE, I throw in a Gimp for fun.

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Stalker Chick

She's a composite of a few. I had one passenger who I picked up at 3 am, jump in the car and say "Quick get out of here, GO! GO!" You keep an eye in your mirror for good guys and bad guys. It turned out her ex boyfriend was stalking her. She took a round trip cab ride to Bradley Beach to see if her stalker was at his new girlfriend's house. She slunk down low in the back seat so her stalker wouldn't see her. Afterall he did have a BOGUS restraining order against her. Her ex has a lot of cop friends, who stalked her too.

She killed a half pint of Vodka in the backseat of my cab as she told more of what I never wanted to know.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My favorite character?

It has to be Athena DeCruel. She is so over the top and extreme. Yet I'm sure most men in this world will say the knew one like her. I can lampoon so many things with her. She's fun to write, and fun to draw. I tried to draw her in as many costume changes as possible. Something is just funnier when you have chicks in Viking helmets.

"Binge, I will be away on business for a week. Will you be a dear and come over to water the plants and feed the gimp?"
I like to say she is a composite of every man's worst nightmare when it comes to women.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Name the Liquor store contest

I liked this one the best of what I did on my days off. It's one of five "LIQUOR RITE" stores in the ficticious town of Keysburg Beach NJ. Can you name the real liquor store and where it's located?

Hint: (It's a three dollar zone)

Name it, and it's adress, I'll get you a t-shirt from Cafe Press.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

What is BiNGE about?

I usually say it's about addictions. The pursuit, indulgence and ramifications. BiNGE doesn't glorify them, it mocks on them. We all have something, drugs, booze, sex, bad relationships or overeating. If you can think of it, one of the main characters will have it. It's about friendships surviving the chaos our world. Binge is an artist in search of the "21st century's bohemia." Along the way he stumbles through the backwaters of life.

Binge's life line to sanity are two 420 enthusiasts who believe in Binge as an artist. His artwork is often sidetracked by his ultra high maintenance girlfriend, Athena DeCruel. Athena is a professional dominatrix and adult Internet star. Binge is often dragged into her surrealistic life as her "almost boyfriend." Constantly appearing is an alcoholic boardwalk psychic and nemesis "The stalker chick."

Saturday, July 7, 2007

A Web Comic

I realized I could probally do a comic strip when the re-telling of my weekends could cause stoners to cough blood in laughter. Originally I wanted a simple comic strip woven through out my site. I grew into almost three year project slated to be finished by the end of 2008. Things get out of hand durring binges.

There is an old Yiddish proverb: "If you jump for the stars, you might land on the moon. If you jump for the moon, you'll never get off the Earth." Instead of sticking to the tradional four panel strip, I reformated it into a script/storyboard layout. This allowed a smoother flow of story. On a bimonthly schedule a new BiNGE 30 minute episode will be released (or will escape.) Then the start of the animation prosess.

The purpose of this blog, is to provide side notes and to narrate the creative prossess. I don't consider myself a writer, but a cartoonist, a stand up with a wierd view of life.

I hate blogs

I never read them. I have yet to find one that could hold my attention past the first paragraph. It challenges my deficet attention to stay focused on the rants of someone with way too much time on thier hands knowing that there are millions of breasts to be seen elsewhere on the internet. Why am I doing it? Do I have way too much time on my hands? Well I guess working 12 hour night shifts driving cab in Belmar NJ isn't taking enough of my time. Along with working on my web comic for another 3 hours a day, I thought I'd add this.
It's a creative thing.

Perhaps it's the type of blog Travis Bickle wrote.
Now is the time.......