BiNGE Notes

Rambling thoughts of a cartooning cab driver on the Jersey Shore

Friday, April 2, 2010

God I Hate Television

While staying with Waffle and Diane, I have seen TV shows that I never would believe existed if I hadn't wasted a half hour of precious life seeing. Laura and I seldom strayed off of Discovery, History or Adult Swim. Being on my Mac next to the TV during the day I have discovered that there are way too many Judge shows on. The original People's Court was educational, the one's today are sad pathetic schlock reality shows. I have yet to see any reality show that didn't look scripted and fake.

Perhaps we as members of the human race should turn off the fucking TV and try to focus on having our own realities. When I get settled in my new place, NO TV. I'll have a television and a DVD player, but no cable. I remember when I went about five years with out any TV, it was the most productive period of my life. I was content with what I had, I took time to develop my art, my hobbies, relationship with people. I noticed too many conversations started by others were "Did you see..." No, I was living.

Inevitably people would say, "I don't believe you never saw that show, you HAVE to watch it." No I don't, you sad pathetic cretin. Is you own empty life so void of meaning that you must fill it with mindless shit every waking moment?

Hold me to my pledge, no TV in New Orleans.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Big Move to the Big Easy

Last summer I met a new co-worker, at first sight a very scary dude. Very likable, except I was going thru a difficult time. For some twisted reason I took an instant dislike to him, I don't know why. I projected every ounce of anger in my being at him. He didn't deserve it, I was just being an asshole. Over time he grew on me,much like the skin cancer slowly covering my right arm in spots. A talented, funny and hairy tumor, after time I couldn't help but to like him. He continued to tell me how much I would fit in down in New Orleans. A city where artists are appreciated and sometimes employed. None of the negative angry New Jersey attitude or expense. Every month that I remain in NJ I dig deeper in debt. Driving cab in Belmar at night barely covers my child support and cigarettes. Researching New Orleans area the cost of living seems lower compared to NJ. NJ is one of the most expensive states to live in the the country. The money to be made isn't here anymore. The only ones who can afford Jersey are Politicians, union officials and mobsters.
At this current economic demise, my only option is death. I refuse to do the Van Gogh route. NAY! I will follow the example of Paul Gauguin, travel to an unknown world, pursue my art and die of a venereal disease.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Bowl Thingy

Earlier this week a passenger asked me who was I betting on in the Super Bowl. I replied "Oh is it this week?" "Of course it is, you know that." "Not really, I never watched one." "YOU LIAR! Of course you have, everyone watches." Nope, never did, never will. Why would one lie about that? Both teams could burst into flames at the coin toss and I wouldn't give a damn. Once when a hyper-masculine drunk asked me if I had seen some NFL game and I said I don't follow football his next question was "Are you a queer?" Let's examine that conclusion, he spent all afternoon watching sweaty, muscular men roll around on top of each other in the mud. They get up off of each other and pat each others asses. Then the players take a shower together. THAT'S GAY.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


PRAY FOR ME! I must escape this vocational purgatory! A dysfunctional family business that is getting increasingly negative. Every time employees pull up, someone in the office has to ask; "Is he armed?" 12 hours duty last night, we each made about $60. Try to support your addictions on that. The nightly ugliness, the bullshit, the hazards. One coworker was joking about a passenger who drank herself to death. I don't want to become like these people. The past four years of driving cab at night has hardened me. I've learned not to trust anyone, learned to step on others before they could step on me. My naivety is gone my trust eroded away by the cancer of human nature.

Any longer out here, I'll loose all of my humanity. "Tonight on outrageous videos, a cabbie gets out of his car and cold cocks a NUN!"

Monday, January 25, 2010

Addictions first

I love convenience stores. You can feed most every addiction there. Coffee, smokes, lottery tickets. Need rolling papers? Gottem, and at least another dozen products that any creative stoner can use to conjure a high. Munchies in isle 2 and 3. Porn? Got it. It's three AM and you need a copy of 18+ Big Boob to get to sleep. Alcoholic? No they don't sell beer and the liquor store is closed now, here's some cold medicine. You seek comfort food. An orgy of empty calories await. Need to smoke crack, buy one of those little glass vases with the paper flower in it.

During my shift I stumble in five stores a night for the nicotine / caffeine fix. Having worked a convenience store, the employees have my sympathy. Like driving a cab at night, your customer base is the Night Of The Living Dead.

Totos the Teleprompter

Obama brought a teleprompter to a sixth grade class. Excuse me, isn't that like writing the answers on your cuffs? They're kids. Afraid of having a Dan Quayle moment? I thought you taught at Harvard, but you can't talk to kids without the help of a staff? You're like a robot that needs to be plugged in. One of those Disney hall of Presidents droids, programed with personality.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Presidential Race

In a snapshot of America, perhaps we've only been looking at the negative of the snapshot.
Over the past two years, I've noticed the only ones who consistently and loudly discuss President Obama's race are his supporters. Even in private conversations among conservatives race is not the issue, it's policy. The Dems waste no opportunity to mention skin color. I thought Liberals were above noticing such things. Ironically, it's Conservatives who live by the wisdom of "Judging a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin." Wait, who first said that? It's the content of his character that Conservatives have always questioned. His political associations, radical individuals who would have been an anchor to any white conservatives. Be seen with a Pat Robertson and get tagged a "white, racist Jesus Freak" Jeremiah Wright? If I was the only white member of his congregation, I'd be lookin fo da door.

Now if conservative pundits had been using words like "Stupid, incompetent, dumb and ignorant" about Obama, as much as the liberals had used such adjectives on Palin, we'd be deaf from the screams. "look at how they view African Americans, stupid and ignorant, all conservatives are racists." So conversely, does that argument conclude that Liberal Dems are really sexist? The first female candidate is an incompetent bimbo acording to their voices. The women of "The View" aren't racist, however they are sexist, ok, now I am confused.

This is by far a very difficult period in U.S. history. It is the same in my personal life. I see in my life that these great difficulties and challenges hurt like a never ending case of the burning trots. Already it has made me a better person than I was, I fought the lessons tooth and nail. Hated every moment, denied it. Looking back at the old me with disdain. Having learned over decades lessons that today seem so obvious.

I hope in a decade America will look back over these trouble years an know that we are a better nation having studied the snapshots.